About Us

Missy Douglas

With over twenty years’ experience in design, fine art, (copy)writing and editing, Missy brings unrivalled creativity and fresh ideas to the uckiood team. She has worked as artist, graphic designer and creative director for a broad range of clients and projects in Europe and the US. An unparalleled academic and research background - she holds a B.A., M.A. and Ph.D in Art History and Modern Languages from the University of Cambridge, UK - lends tenacity, passion and versatility to every project she takes on, whether large or small. Her life and work have been featured on high-profile international media websites, as well as in specialist and lifestyle publications across the globe. She has also been nominated for excellence awards by professional bodies in both the UK and the US.

Kim Rask

A former student of the University of Washington, Kim’s diverse professional background in fine art, graphic/web design, product development and marketing perfectly complement Missy’s skills in the uckiood studio. Bridging the gap between art and tech, Kim has established himself as a natural in modern web design, cutting-edge graphics and UX. He also understands the unique and complex relationship between brand, product and client, having created successful crowd-funding, PR and online content marketing campaigns for a variety of events and products in the UK, Europe and in the US.


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